What is a Thesis Statement?

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An introduction of every essay should end with a thesis statement definition. Learn more about how to write a thesis statement in this guide.

What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is the main argument of your paper. It gives your point of view in the essay; this builds expectations for the reader. It is usually the last part of the introduction. Every paper that you write in college has to have a thesis statement. Writing a thesis statement does not require you to be a guru. Follow this guide and start writing thesis statements that are informative and catchy.

Qualities of a Thesis Statement

In order to know how to write a good thesis statement, you first need to determine what type of paper you are dealing with. For example, is your paper an argumentative, expository or analytical? If you are writing an argumentative paper that requires you to take sides, the thesis statement should inform the reader of the argument that you support. If you are working on an analytical essay, the statement should give a general analysis of the question. If the essay is expository and requires you to write about the process of doing something such as making decisions, the statement should state the process briefly. Later when writing the body of the essay, provide evidence that shows why you support or oppose a certain idea. A good thesis statement should have the following features.

  • It should be clear and concise

Let the statement inform the reader only what you will discuss in the paper. Go straight to the point instead of beating around the bush because you don’t want your reader to get bored. Do not write issues that you will not cover in your paper in the thesis statement.

  • It should be short

The statement is usually one sentence no matter the type of essay you are writing. Sometimes, you can add a statement if you are writing a long report, but take care not to make it any longer than that.

Format of a Thesis Statement

It should be the last section of the paragraph to avoid confusing the reader. If you put the thesis statement at the beginning or middle of the introduction, by the time the reader finishes reading the paragraph, he or she may have already forgotten what your paper is about. You may also lose marks if you don’t follow this thesis statement format.

Examples of Thesis Statements

Below is a thesis statement example for an analytical and argumentative essay.

Example of an analytical essay thesis statement:

An analysis of the company reveals that it is facing the challenge of attracting the right talent and it is also facing a high turnover of employees.

The above statement indicates that the paper will discuss the reasons why the company is not attracting employees with the right skills. The paper will also analyze why the company is facing a high turnover of workers.

Example of an argumentative essay thesis statement:

Teenagers should be allowed to use mobile phones sparingly because it prepares them to become responsible adults.

The argumentative essay will then discuss how the use of mobile phones sparingly enables teenagers to become responsible adults.