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Welcome to our blog (or my daily rant :oÞ)

First Blog,

Today I did a quick Google trawl and came to a very quick conclusion, Social Media Marketing is hard! Over the last couple of months I’ve been re-educating myself in the wonderful world of marketing on the web. I’ve decided to put my experiences as an indie developer in blog form, along with helpful information that my fellow app developers might find helpful with this I’ll hookup my numerous Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to reflect this.

One thing I found out so far, and it’s something that needs to be said straight of the bat, you are going to need to put a lot of work into app promotion, it’s no good developing your app and sticking it up on iTunes or Play and expect it to do well it’s not going to happen. Look through the millions of apps on the App store and Google Play almost every idea has been done ten or twenty times over, how do you stand out? One word Niche!  Originality will always stand out if you have a good idea or concept.

Some online pundits would argue that the marketplace has reached saturation point and that originality is no longer evident. I would offer the counter argument that with the constant development of new devices there will always be room of creativity. So what? What’s that got to do with Social Media Marketing? MY point is do your foundations create a present for yourself online utilize Twitter and Facebook engage, prepare for tomorrow NOW.  App development is only half of what needs to be done like in the physical world you create something that will benefit mankind and make you rich but if you don’t invest time in promoting or marketing it what’s the point ?

This is my first blog post I welcome all comments and would like hear from you (I respect all opinions, be civil and I will respond in kind)


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