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How to submit an iPhone App to iTunes App Store

When I developed my first iPhone app, I couldn’t wait to put it up on the iTunes App Store. Then I found out that the process involved can be long and sometimes complicated. But once you know what’s involved, its relatively straight forward.

The first thing to do is to log into your iTunes Connect account (https://itunesconnect.apple.com/WebObjects/iTunesConnect.woa/):

In iTunes Connect:

First, you need to create an App Identifier for your App.

  • Click ‘Manage your Apps’
  • Click ‘Add New App’
  • Click ‘You can register a new Bundle ID here’
  • Fill in ‘Registering an App ID’

Fill in the rest of the information about your App.

When you’re finished, make sure you click upload binary even if the binary isn’t ready yet (if you don’t do this it won’t allow you to validate or distribute your app in xCode (below).

Then open up xCode.

In xCode:

  • From the menu, choose Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme
  • Change ‘Build Configuration’ from Debug to Release
  • From the menu click Product > Archive (this creates the binary that will eventually be sent to iTunes)
  • Then open up xCode’s Organiser, and click Devices > Library – Provisioning Profiles
  • Then click ‘+’ (Add)
  • Then in the Organiser, select Archives, select your App, and click Validate
  • Once its Validated, click Distribute

Your App is now submitted. If you look back in your iTunes Connect account, you should see that your app is now ‘Waiting for Review’.

Be aware that Apple updates its procedures from time to time, so make sure you read everything they ask, before submitting anything.

Hope this is useful.


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