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Social Media Marketing what you need to know

For those who are about to take the plunge into Social Media Marketing for any type of business activity I highly recommend you check out Sparkah.com and the associated videos of Bob W Kim on YouTube. In several of his videos he outlines strategies that encompass all areas of social media marketing and SEO secrets for helping climb up the ranks of Google.Whether it’s a small medium or large business his advice is clever and thought provoking, I’ve trawled through hours of webinars and have grown increasing frustrated at the sheer nonsense that’s out there.

 In one of his videos How to Design a Social Media Marketing Campaign that Actually Sells, he reveals how to actually sell using Social Media and the difference between selling, advertising and marketing and how to avoid obvious pitfalls.


The second video How to Use PR and Social Media to Jump to Page 1 of Google, describes how it is possible to radically improve oyur ranking by networking with influential bloggers and get these bloggers to blog about you. But as he explains in the video to do this you need to have the ability to be in the position to return the favor.

I’ve summarized a lot on what is contained in these two videos, but to me theses are a very valuable resource and should not be overlooked, if you’re like me and new to Social Media from a web business perspective these video are an absolute must and there free!

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