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IPhone 5S Apples new game changer

IPhone 5S the new upgrade A7 processor 64bit included has just had its press release, and as I peruse the Apple site for the latest features list thought I put a few of my own musings to this blog. The webbyverse is all a quiver with Apple latest creation highlighting several new features the A7 64bit and the iSight camera and not forgetting the fingerprint scanner (so cool). Now one of the things Apple has put forward is how well iOS7 is going to work on the 5S with the A7 chip with its modified CoreMotion api which works in conjunction with M7 motion coprocessor. Developers are keen to get apps out on iOS7 so much so that some reports are coming out that the submission process on iTunes connect has been reduced considerably in preparation for a onslaught of iOS7 apps.

To get away for the nerd speak for a moment let’s talk about color, Apple have not until now been overly generous with color for the iPhone black, white and silver and it’s pretty much the same with the 5S. Except we now have the 5S in gold silver and space grey, not very inspiring although I do quite like the gold (looks classy). Enough about color moving onto one of the main features of the phone the Touch ID finger print scanner YES! Looking at the Apple video it’s hard not to be impressed, your fingerprint is taken from the Home button and is stored encrypted on the phone and according to Apple nowhere else. Not only that but it can be used for purchasing stuff on iTunes. Let’s return the A7 chip, what according to Apple does it offer the end user, well support for the OpenGL ES which are only let down by the screen-size (IMHO).

iphone 5S

The same can be said for the camera that greatly benefits from faster video frame rate quicker autofocus and capture. The camera itself called iSight has a lot going on amongst which is a larger aperture and sensor which should improve low light level snaps. Some of the features are what you might expect from other phones but the slow motion video and live video zoom look like they could be fun. For some unknown reason Apple are pushing a case for the iPhone 5S made from leather it look nice but surely it’s a bit superfluous. I mean the iPhone is built like a brick it must be the most well-built cell on the planet, why a case it doesn’t protect the screen judging by the pictures so all it’s doing is covering the back, a bit odd. Last thoughts, all in all a very impressive upgrade, the 64 bit architecture and upgraded camera combined with the fingerprint Touch ID has put Apple back in front for the time being.

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