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iOS 7 will land on planet geek September 10th, but have we not seen this before

Happy days for Apple fanboys the latest incarnation of apples iOS version  7 will be released to the public in 11 days’ time according to a frenzied flurry of twittering and facebooky stuff. Having owned an IPhone for many years, I was really looking forward to the public release of the system.

For the most part I was impressed by what I saw at the WWDC 2013 event, the iOS7 has a totally revamped UI all the icons are now flat and the background much lighter and translucent. The moving wallpaper animation is also a nice touch the background images moving when the device is tilted. Lots of nice features most if not all of all the new developments are for the sake of argument influenced by Android.

From the lock Screen Animation to the side swipe capability, through the Control Center and Notification the similarities are there to see. Experts have been arguing over how much of iOS7 has taken its ideas from android.

One can argue that Apple have seen the writing on the wall and are simply adapting to market  change more people are using android devices. So if you can’t beat ‘em, incorporate the main features make them slicker, pass them off as your own, software development 101.

This may sound very cynical but if could be that the only differences for mobile devices in the future would be to simply change the name cut down the costs of development and research. Most people of a non techie nature buy devices based on looks and design and couldn’t care less about high specifications. My first Iphone was a 2G and it did everything my 4s did (to a lesser degree) it played music, video, MMS, internet browser, Email.

So IOS7 is merely an evolutionary stepping stone, conspiracy theorists’ could argue android and apple are joining forces to create holy grail device to trump everything, who knows?





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