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Glossary of iPhone App Development and Submission terms

There are a whole host of names that are used by Apple when describing Apps, in xCode or during the App Submission process to the iTunes App Store.  Here is a list of some that come up a lot.

Project Name
This is the name of your Project inside xCode.

A target defines a single product; it organizes the inputs into the build system—the source files and instructions for processing those source files—required to build that product. Projects can contain one or more targets, each of which produces one product.

An Xcode scheme defines a collection of targets to build, a configuration to use when building, and a collection of tests to execute. You can have as many schemes as you want, but only one can be active at a time.

Deployment Target
This is the minimum iOS version number that you require a customer to have, in order to download and use your app. (e.g. 6.1)

Bundle display name
This is what appears under the icon on the actual iPhone or iPad.

Product Name
The binary that gets submitted will use this as its filename and append a .app extension. It’s also known bundle filename. The Product Name should have no spaces.

App Name
This is the name that appears on App Store page. You enter this, when submitting your app thru iTunes Connect.

Team ID
Also know as the App ID Prefix. This is a unique number (e.g. B2B4T45DY2) Apple assigns to each developer when they sign up with them.

Bundle ID
Just to make things unnecessarily complicated, this can also be known as:

  • Bundle ID suffix
  • App ID Suffix
  • Bundle Identifier

The Bundle ID should be in reverse DNS format, e.g. ‘com.yourdomain.yourproduct’

App ID
Also known as the Application-identifier. This is a combination of the Team ID and the Bundle ID. Its format is ‘TeamID.BundleID’.

App ID Description
This is used to describe an Application Identifier, its not important and you can call it anything. To keep things simple, I usually enter the Product Name here.

Apple ID
This is a number assigned automatically by Apple after the app submission.

This can be any number supplied by you, the Developer. Its supposed to be, your company’s internal product number for your App.

I find its a good idea when creating multiple apps, to store a spreadsheet with a list of all these items for each app.  It can save a lot of time when it comes to submitting new apps or updating existing ones.


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