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How to copy an iOS App project inside Xcode

A good way to start a new iPhone App is to copy an old project and start from there. Unfortunately there is no easy way to ‘Copy Project’ inside xcode but its still possible do it within a few steps.


This article shows you how to copy an iOS App project inside Xcode.  Start off with Xcode closed, and then open a Finder window.

1. Open up Finder and copy the project folder to call it your new project name.
2. Leave the .xcodeproj filename alone.
3. Open Xcode, and open the copy of the project.
4. In the File Inspector (left sidebar), change the project name.
5. It should ask you to Accept the proposed filename changes. Click Accept.
6. Rename Folder-names (inside Xcode only) if required. (Note: Any Subfolders in Finder must remain with the old name, and paths inside Targets settings may reflex this – leave alone).
7. Still in Xcode, rename the scheme(s) in Product > Scheme > Manage Schemes.
8. In Info.plist, rename your Bundle identifier.

If you get a warning about the info.plist file being in the Copy Bundle resources, remove it by clicking on the Target, then going across to Build Phases and then down to Copy Bundle Resources and remove the info.plist file.

If you get an Error about not finding the .pch (prefix header file): Click on the Target, then go across to Build Settings, and search for Prefix Header, and change the filename to the correct one (don’t change folder or pathname unless absolutely necessary).

There you have it, your new iPhone App project as begun.


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