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How to copy an iOS App project inside Xcode

A good way to start a new iPhone App is to copy an old project and start from there. Unfortunately there is no easy way to ‘Copy Project’ inside xcode but its still possible do it within a few steps. This article shows you how to copy an iOS App project inside Xcode.  Start off … Read More

IPhone 5S Apples new game changer

IPhone 5S the new upgrade A7 processor 64bit included has just had its press release, and as I peruse the Apple site for the latest features list thought I put a few of my own musings to this blog. The webbyverse is all a quiver with Apple latest creation highlighting several new features the A7 … Read More

Social Media Marketing what you need to know

For those who are about to take the plunge into Social Media Marketing for any type of business activity I highly recommend you check out Sparkah.com and the associated videos of Bob W Kim on YouTube. In several of his videos he outlines strategies that encompass all areas of social media marketing and SEO secrets … Read More

Glossary of iPhone App Development and Submission terms

There are a whole host of names that are used by Apple when describing Apps, in xCode or during the App Submission process to the iTunes App Store.  Here is a list of some that come up a lot. Project Name This is the name of your Project inside xCode. Target A target defines a … Read More

How to submit an iPhone App to iTunes App Store

When I developed my first iPhone app, I couldn’t wait to put it up on the iTunes App Store. Then I found out that the process involved can be long and sometimes complicated. But once you know what’s involved, its relatively straight forward. The first thing to do is to log into your iTunes Connect … Read More

iOS 7 will land on planet geek September 10th, but have we not seen this before

Happy days for Apple fanboys the latest incarnation of apples iOS version  7 will be released to the public in 11 days’ time according to a frenzied flurry of twittering and facebooky stuff. Having owned an IPhone for many years, I was really looking forward to the public release of the system. For the most … Read More

Welcome to our blog (or my daily rant :oÞ)

First Blog, Today I did a quick Google trawl and came to a very quick conclusion, Social Media Marketing is hard! Over the last couple of months I’ve been re-educating myself in the wonderful world of marketing on the web. I’ve decided to put my experiences as an indie developer in blog form, along with … Read More

Deegan Software

  Welcome to the Official Website of Deegan Software   Hi my name is David Deegan I’m one of the heads of Deegan Software, and along with my brother Gareth we are Deegan Software.   Both of us are tech mad for smartphone and tablets and everything in-between we have worked in the IT industry … Read More