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New York Quiz Pro iPhone New York Quiz Pro for iPad
dqpro170x170-75 dqpro170x170-75
  • 500 Questions
  • Choose which categories you want on/off
  • Choose how many questions per game
  • Choose level of difficulty
  • Includes 100 questions from Free Edition

New York Quiz iPhone (Free Edition) New York Quiz for iPad (Free Edition)
dqfree170x170-75 dqfree170x170-75
  • 100 Questions


Welcome to the New York Quiz App thanks for dropping by! New York Quiz Apps is the second app to be released by us and we hope you enjoy it. New York is a wondrous city, rich with culture and history and much more, we have carefully created questions to test your knowledge of New York City and State.

All of the questions cover a wide variety of subjects to do with New York past and present (not future we're not that good).

We love creating Apps, we take great pride in what do and feedback is important, please check our Twitter (Twitter) and Facebook (Facebook) pages for regular updates and banter..even just to say hello! If you like or want tell your friends about the New York Quiz click here

We look forward to hearing from you